Master Yong Cheong Thye

Founder of Yong Gallery, Master Yong is an outstanding Chinese Calligrapher who has attained international status with his traditional and contemporary Chinese artworks. Master Yong is often represented in International Chinese Calligraphy Exhibitions in China..

Yong Cheong Thye was born in Singapore in 1946. After graduating from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 1966, his keen interest and search for the deeper meaning of Chinese art brought him under the pupilage of the late Master Calligrapher Tsue Ta Ti in 1967. His vast artistic talent was soon revealed through the expert guidance of Master Tsue. Yong’s own vision of the artistic order soon blossomed into new art forms, which have won wide acclaim by fellow artists and connoisseurs alike.

A first-prize winner in prestigious Chinese calligraphy competitions in 1976 and 1977 in Singapore, Yong has been invited by Air Canada, Singapore Airlines and the Singapore Tourism Board to exhibit his art overseas. His brushes have travelled with him to milestone exhibitions in Canada, Germany, Finland, Sweden, China, France, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, England, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Japan and Korea.

Yong has also acted as a judge in many important Chinese calligraphy competitions in Singapore. Currently he is official spokesperson for the Chinese Calligraphy Society of Singapore and Vice-chairman of the Shicheng Calligraphy & Seal Carving Society.

His participation in many international calligraphy and wood carving exhibitions in many countries has earned him the respect of an admiring international audience.

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