Master Wood Carver Cheh Kai Hon

Artistically manipulating two different yet complementary tools of art, creating teh world of carving and calligraphy.

Cheh Kai Hon studied Chinese Calligraphy and Seal Carving under Master Yong Cheong Thye, and is recognized as one of Asia Pacific’s most respected wood carver. His skills is much sort after. Cheh has executed important royal commissions from Asian monarchs, such as the King of Malaysia , His Majesty Sultan Azlan Shah. He has also successfully completed a commission to carve the official presidential crest on a chair used by The President of the Republic of Singapore, which ois displayed in the Singapore Parliament House. Another important milestone for Cheh was his execution of the fine wood detailing inside the luxuriously appointed carriages of the world-famous Orient Express Train.

Cheh has been invited by the Singapore Tourism Board and Singapore Airlines to display his art in overseas exhibitions. His work has travelled with him to exhibitions in London, England; Auckland and Otago in New Zealand; Finland and at various art demonstrations in leading Singapore Hotels. He has also participated in international calligraphy carving exhibitions in Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia and Singapore.  

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