Chinese cultural civilization’s 4000 years of history has produced different periods of artistic achievements but with a continuous thread that links each dynastic period. This thread, is Chinese ‘Love for Nature’.
This singular love is seen in various mediums – whether it is a name seal, clay teapot, porcelain bowl, jade carving, scroll painting in ink, calligraphy on various traditional material selected from nature – such as rice paper, precious woods and silk.

At Yong Gallery, this tradition is kept alive by dedicated contemporary artists, Yong Cheong Thye and Cheh Kai Hon, who are equally comfortable creating works in traditional or modern styles. The Yong Gallery is a treasure house of traditional and contemporary Chinese art, crafts and collectibles.

When you require brilliant ideas for an interior decorating design, selecting a special souvenir to take home, or seeking specially designed corporate gifts, it is worthwhile to explore the Yong Gallery. Special art demonstrations can also be arranged by appointment. You will always find us a helpful and knowledgeable source of Chinese art and craft

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