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We now offer our Calligraphy and Wood Carving artworks at our online store.
  • Calligraphy

    Chinese cultural civilization’s 4000 years of history has produced different periods of artistic achievements but with a continuous thread that links each dynastic period....

  • Wood Carving

    In earlier centuries, when printing technology was in its infancy, publishing was done using the ancient method of writing the message on paper, an...

  • Customized Design

    We offered Customized Calligrahpy and Custom Wood Carving Artwork of your design for Home, Office and as Gifts for someone Special. Have a design...

Wood Carving Artwork - Good Fortune
Good Fortune

福 which symbolizes Abundance Fortune 合家幸福,五福临门,如意吉祥 . The Chinese Calligraphy word 福 is hand-carved by our Master Carver....

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Wood Carving Artwork - Prosperous In Business
Prosperous in Business

The calligraph word , "风生水起 Feng Sheng Shui Qi" is hand-carved by our Master Carver and hand-painted.风 "Feng" 生 "Sheng" symbolise Wind...

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Wood Carving Artwork - Surge Forward Roll On Waves
Surge Forward Roll On Waves

奔腾 - Surge Forward, Rolling on Waves. Symbolizes Speed on, To Head For, Bold and Unrestrainted. The Chinese Calligraphy word 奔腾 is...

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Wood Carving Artwork - Double Happiness
Double Happiness

喜喜 - Double Happiness. Beautifully Hand-carved wood carving artwork of the word 喜喜 Double Happiness symbolize Double Happiness in your family and...

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Wood Carving Artwork - Peace And Serenity
Peace And Serenity

The calligraph word 静 is hand-carved by our Master Carver and hand-painted in black color. It symbolizes a state of peaceful, calmness...

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寿 - Longevity. An Elegance piece of Wood Carving Artwork. Ideal for the home which signify Good Health and Longevity for all...

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如意 Wishful. Symbolizes Smooth Sailing in Everything You Do. 做什么事都称心,家庭和顺...

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舞 - Dance. Signifies a Happy Occasion. A reason for Celebration. 高兴,歡乐 A premium gift great for celebratory events or happy occasion....

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"I have a custom design wood carving done for my new house by Master Yong Cheong Thye and Wood carved by Master Carver Cheh Kai Hon. The finished art piece was elegantly done and the carving reveals significant details and depth. Overall I was very pleased with the quality of work.

I would strong recommend Yong Gallery for anyone who want an unique one-of-a-kind calligraphy and wood carving artwork."

~ Veronica Wong